37% of Kenyans say country headed in right direction

According to a new survey, 37% of Kenyans are satisfied that the Kenyan government of Kwanza is leading the country in the right direction.

A Trends and Insights for Africa (TIFA) study released on Friday found that 48% of Kenyans are dissatisfied with the direction the country is currently headed.

The majority of survey participants cited a healthy economic and leadership as key drivers of national development.

Most of the 69% blamed the high cost of living, and 27% of those who said the country is moving in a positive direction believe the economy is stabilizing and the prices of some foods have come down.

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The poll had a +/- 12 percent margin of error.

The survey was conducted March 11-19 with 2,065 respondents from nine regions: Central Rift, Coast, Lower East, Mount Kenya, Nairobi, Northern, Nyanza, Southern Rift and Western.

According to the survey, drought (8 percent), unemployment (6%), poor governance (6%) and corruption (3%) are other factors that those who say the country is moving in a negative direction are taking into account.

Out of the respondents who said the country was moving in the right direction, 22 percent said this was due to good leadership by President William Ruto, 7 percent said it is because of employment creation and input by development partners, while 4 percent opined that the government has addressed the drought challenge.

Only 12% of Kenyans attributed it to the country, inherently disapproving of right or wrong, while the other 3% have no idea.


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