A RENEWED NIGERIA: Information Minister Promises Hope For Nigerians.

A RENEWED NIGERIA Information Minister Promises Hope For Nigerians.
A RENEWED NIGERIA Information Minister Promises Hope For Nigerians.

Nigeria’s Information and National Orientation Minister, Mohammed Idris, has delivered a message of optimism to the nation, ensuring that the country is on the verge of experiencing better days. He called on the citizens to anticipate positive changes as the government’s initiatives start to bear fruit.

Addressing the audience at the high-level dialogue centered on the renewed hope agenda in Abuja on Friday, Idris confidently stated, “Nigeria is poised for improvements.”

In a session that saw the collaboration of fellow ministers and international allies and under the banner of “Leveraging International Cooperation to Enhance Trade, Investment, and Sustainable Development in Nigeria,” Idris reflected on the progress made over the past year which is now beginning to manifest tangible outcomes.

Minister Mohammed Idris cited various key programmes that have been rolled out, including the establishment of the Consumer Credit Corporation, provision of Education Loan Funds, and the ambitious Presidential Compressed Natural Gas Initiative.

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He also drew attention to a host of other government endeavors, such as the Presidential Grant and Loan Scheme, agricultural projects like off-season farming and efficient fertiliser distribution, the Renewed Hope Infrastructure Development Fund, amendments in the electricity sector, tax, and fiscal policy reforms, along with ongoing dialogues about the national minimum wage.

Idris asserted that these measures are integral to reducing living costs, easing the burden of business operations, increasing Nigerians’ disposable income, improving the supply of electricity to homes and industries, igniting both local and foreign investments, and forging a path towards sustainable and comprehensive national prosperity.

Looking forward, the Minister expressed a strong belief that proactive communication with Nigerian citizens, both domestically and internationally, focusing on truth and tangible results in the coming year, will alleviate many of the challenges faced by the people.


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