AFRICA DAY: United Nations Secretary-General’s Message in Honor of Afro-Day 2024

AFRICA DAY United Nations Secretary-General's Message in Honor of Afro-Day 2024
AFRICA DAY United Nations Secretary-General's Message in Honor of Afro-Day 2024

As we observe Africa Day, we take the opportunity to honor the vibrant, multifaceted African continent and the significant contributions made by its people globally. Africa’s youthful and burgeoning demographic, vast natural wealth, breathtaking landscapes, and cultural richness all point towards its immense promise.

Forward-looking initiatives such as the African Continental Free Trade Area and the visionary Agenda 2063 of the African Union, in tandem with Africa’s strengthening global influence, especially in sectors like renewable energy, are crucial for unlocking the continent’s potential.

Yet, securing a prosperous future for Africa’s 1.2 billion inhabitants demands that we confront the hurdles impeding the continent’s advancement. These challenges span from climate change repercussions, persistent conflicts, unconstitutional changes in governance, to ongoing struggles against hunger, poverty, inequality, and overwhelming debt.

To safeguard the Sustainable Development Goals, we must undertake several vital actions, including reforming the global financial framework.

This would empower developing nations to garner the funds necessary for investing in their populations’ future, reinforcing education systems being a focal theme for this year’s African Union.

Working in unison with Africa is paramount in cultivating green economies centered on renewable energies and ensuring that the continent’s critical mineral wealth primarily serve the interests of its people.

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Our concerted efforts must also extend to upholding human rights, combating terrorism and violent extremism, and striving to cease hostilities throughout Africa. The recent UN Security Council resolution backing African-led peace operations marks a substantial stride in this direction.

It is essential to ensure Africa’s representation in all international dialogs, this includes a rightful place in the UN Security Council, the global financial domain, and other pivotal international policy-setting entities.

The upcoming Summit of the Future in New York this September presents an important occasion to kindle momentum and progress.

On Africa Day, let us reassert our commitment to supporting the African people in their endeavor to guide their continent, and our world, towards a peaceful and affluent existence for everyone.

Message circulated by APO Group on behalf of the United Nations in Egypt.


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