After Receiving Certificate Of Return Tinubu Says, My Door, My Heart Is Open To All

The President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has asked Nigerians, including opposition parties, to bury political and other divides to work with him in putting up a greater country, saying his heart and door are open to all.

Speaking after he and the Vice President-elect, Senator Kashim Shettima, received their certificates of return from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Wednesday afternoon, Tinubu said politics must give way for nation-building.

Tinubu said his triumph shouldn’t be seen as particular, emphasising that for progress to be made all Nigerians must assume to be part of the task ahead.

To you the people, especially the youths, I’ll work day and night. I’ll work to the most of my capability to make Nigeria better.

For this to be a triumph at all, it can not simply be a triumph for one man or even one party. It must become a triumph for all Nigerians who are committed to a greater society.

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I know many didn’t vote for me. And you’re disappointed that your aspirant isn’t where I now stand.

I understand your hurt. To you, I extend the grasp and comfort of one family member to another.

This great project called Nigeria beckons to us all. It’s bigger and more important than any partial divide.

The President-Elect encouraged his supporters and counseled those Nigerians whose aspirant missed the opportunity of winning this time not to stop being patriotic citizens.

I ask that you not to allow the disappointment of this moment to keep you from realizing the major public progress we can make by joining hands and hearts in common bid to pull this nation through,” he said.

Reflecting on the race, Asiwaju Tinubu said“ The road has been long. Yet, we walked it. The battle has been hard fought. Yet, we won it.

But more importantly, I realize that I’m just a steward of a larger purpose. You see, this is further than a document attesting the positive sequence of an election.

This important document symbolizes our collaborative democratic attainment and even loftier aspirations. It represents the impending transfer of a most sacred duty and trust from one person to another.

At its most sublime, this certificate also symbolizes that each of you has the competency to achieve what others believe is impossible for you to achieve.

While paying homage to the Nigerian youths, Tinubu charged them to keep hope alive and work hard for personal and public growth.

Very soon, this nation shall witness a young person standing before you holding this great symbol of democracy and public leadership. We shall see a woman standing before you, holding this certificate as its owner. We shall witness someone from a race that many people have tried to dismiss as unqualified for this high office.

By recess of hard work, determination and unyielding belief in a noble bid, you can achieve the best of things.

There are young people listening to me right now who shall one day be the leaders of our precious and exceptional democratic republic.


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