Atiku and Obi Explore Alliance Ahead of 2027 Elections

Atiku and Obi Explore Alliance Ahead of 2027 Elections
Atiku and Obi Explore Alliance Ahead of 2027 Elections

Peter Obi, the Labor Party’s 2023 presidential candidate, met with Atiku Abubakar, the former Vice President, and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) stalwarts in Abuja, initiating speculation about a possible alliance against President Bola Tinubu for the 2027 general elections.

Following his third-place finish in the 2023 election, where both Atiku and Obi’s combined votes statistically could have surpassed Tinubu’s, the two leaders held their first known post-election meeting.

This encounter has been widely discussed on online platforms and social media.

After a long time since the election, Yesterday, Monday, May 13 was the first time that Obi and Atiku would be meeting to public knowledge.

The aide also confirmed that Obi’s meeting with Atiku lasted approximately 20 minutes.

He stated, “Yes, Peter Obi visited Atiku Abubakar. They met for about 20 minutes behind closed doors, so we wouldn’t know what was said, and they didn’t disclose anything to us.

“Since Atiku Abubakar mentioned coalition discussions and such, I believe that both of them must have been engaged in dialogue. And I did mention that they wouldn’t be discussing it in the media. So, they have indeed been in discussions and it is just a matter of those discussions bearing fruit.

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“Regarding the coalition talks, perhaps it is already underway. The possibility does exist.”

The potential coalition, seen by many as a strategic move to consolidate opposition strengths, is being supported by PDP’s leadership investment in these discussions.

Osadolor said, “It’s positive to see these leaders coming together to challenge President Tinubu in the 2027 election.

“They will work to save and restore the nation. More of these meetings are necessary to strengthen unity among opposition parties. They must do everything lawfully possible to rescue Nigeria.”

In conclusion, Yunusa Tanko, spokesperson for Obi’s campaign, aligned the meeting with ongoing efforts to “battle for the soul of Nigeria” and to present a formidable challenge to the APC’s current governance.


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