Biden, Trump To Engage In Debate In Atlanta

Biden, Trump To Engage In Debate In Atlanta
Biden, Trump To Engage In Debate In Atlanta

The upcoming debate between current President Biden and former President Trump is expected to be far from amicable, marking their second encounter on the debate stage in four years. The lingering animosity between the two political figures, stemming from Trump’s refusal to concede the 2020 election and attend Biden’s inauguration, sets the stage for a charged atmosphere in Atlanta on Thursday as they engage in a CNN-mediated debate.

This debate holds significant weight as both candidates present their cases to US voters for the upcoming election, potentially impacting the outcome and intensifying the stakes. The historical acrimony between Biden and Trump, evident in their previous encounters marked by interruptions and heated exchanges, adds to the anticipation of a contentious showdown.

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Unlike past debates, this event will lack a live audience at the request of the Biden campaign, with muted microphones for candidates to prevent chaos akin to the 2020 debate. Trump’s campaign has raised speculations about Biden’s performance, alleging potential drug use, a claim strongly refuted by Biden’s team. The outcome of this debate could sway public opinion on critical issues such as the economy, immigration, and healthcare, ultimately influencing the election results.


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