Big Eyes Coin $250 Giveaway Holding

Big Eyes Coin $250 Giveaway Holding...Offering Higher Potential Earning than Bitcoin and Dogecoin!
Big Eyes Coin $250 Giveaway Holding...Offering Higher Potential Earning than Bitcoin and Dogecoin!

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Big Eyes (BIG) is a new meme coin that is set to officially launch relatively soon.
At the moment, Big Eyes is in presale and is working hard to raise funds and build a community.

Looking like a promising crypto project, Big Eyes seems to have created a fun platform for its users and has a high potential for long-term success.

Currently, Big Eyes is holding a competition in which one lucky winner can win $250k in BIG tokens. With the current crypto market not in a great position right now, it seems as if users can earn more with Big Eyes than Bitcoin (BTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

Big Eyes To Raise At Least $10 Million In Presale

At the time of writing, Big Eyes is in stage six of presale and has raised $9.99 million during this time!
On track to hit the $10 million mark over the next few days, Big Eyes has created a strong platform for its users. When a project is doing exceptionally well in the presale stage, it has high hopes for long-term success. Hence, the way that Big Eyes is going, it seems as if it can become a strong competitor in the crypto world.

Big Eyes focuses heavily on its community and provides them with chances to earn money through competitions, giveaways, and so on.

Additionally, Big Eyes seems to create a strong platform with NFT releases, a merch store, real-life events, and more coming soon.

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With nothing to hide, Big Eyes has all of its important information visible to all to see on its website. Its whitepaper and audit documents can be viewed and downloaded by all, plus it even has a clear charity wallet of which 5% of BIG tokens are donated to ocean-saving charities. This has helped Big Eyes to gain the trust of crypto users and is one of the factors as to why Big Eyes is doing so well.

As it is in presale, BIG tokens are priced low which is likely to rise once it has officially launched. Hence, this may be the best time to purchase BIG tokens for bigger profits.

How Do Bitcoin and Dogecoin Compare

Bitcoin and Dogecoin are two of the biggest market leaders when it comes to crypto. They are similar in certain respects: Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency to exist and Dogecoin was the very first meme coin. This has ultimately led to their big success and their continued strength.

Whilst both BTC and DOGE are strong coins, due to the current market crash, they are not in a position to be providing their users with high rewards. For the majority of this year, the market has been suffering and users have not been able to profit. In fact, many users have sold their tokens for fear of the market collapsing further.

On the other hand, some users have used this time to ‘buy the dip’ in hopes of the token value rising. But, no one can be sure when this will happen and if these coins will remain market leaders by the end of this dip.

Many feel more secure in investing in a popular and established token than a presale project, but it seems as if Big Eyes has a bigger potential for higher rewards in these circumstances.


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