Blinken Says: Nigerian’s Election Matter To Other’s And The World

Blinken Says: Nigerian's Election Matter To Other's And The World
Blinken Says: Nigerian's Election Matter To Other's And The World

The United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, and other US senior officials ditto as Linda Thomas Greenfield, have stated the significance the US and the world attached to this weekend’s Presidential and National Assembly elections as well as the March 11 governorship and State Houses of Assembly elections in Nigeria.

In a short videotape communication to Nigerians on Wednesday ahead of the polls, the US officials called on Nigerians to exercise their constitutional right in a manner that will ensure a peaceful conduct of free, fair and transparent elections in the country that will reflect the will of the people.

The US officias said, “Nigeria’s constitution like America’s begins with a simple and profound idea ‘We the people ’and during this election, you the people of Nigeria have a chance to make your voices heard, to choose your future.

The US doesn’t support any individual aspirant for office but we explosively support a peaceful election that reflects the will of the people of Nigeria because free and fair elections in Nigeria help beget a freer and fairer world for everyone. Your vote matters, this election matters not only to Nigeria but to the rest of the world.

We’re intrested in your success; our shared democratic futures depend on it. So, go to to prepare the vote, because your voice matters.

The Nigerian people have a friend and partner in the United States.


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