BREAKING NEWS: Paul Biya, Cameroun President, Escapes Lynching in France

Paul Biya, Cameroun President, Escapes Lynching in France
Paul Biya, Cameroun President, Escapes Lynching in France

Cameroonians in France, went wild and berserk as they caught wind of Paul Biya’s, – Cameroonian President – plan to celebrate his 40 years in power. This attack on the president and his ministers took place, today the 17th of November, 2022.

The irate Cameroonians in France, marched in droves to the venue of the planned celebration, destroyed the cake and upturned chairs, in clear protest against what is perceived as anger against Paul Biya for perpetuating himself in power, and for the numerous cases of human rights violations, tyranny, oppression, high level of corruption and profligacy in office.

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Somehow, however, the President, Paul Biya, was mysteriously able to escape from the scene at the France venue of the purported celebration of his 40 years in power.

In an available video of the displayed onslaught against the president, the invading Cameroonians in France were able to destroy his cakes and other decorations.

If Biya hadn’t been lucky to escape, he would have been lynched and killed by the Cameroonians. But he had managed to escape. However, one of his ministers wasn’t that lucky as he was eventually killed at that event venue in France. Therefore, Africans are right now, not happy with many of their highly inept and corrupt leaders.


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