BuuPass Makes an Inroad into Africa Transport System


By our Reporter

A new innovative public transportation platform, BuuPass, a market leader offering online bus booking, is fast enabling travellers to reserve seats and make payments in a convenient and timely way in Africa.
Right now, the venture-backed startup through its all-in-one web and API solutions caters to both transport operators and travellers across Africa.

Aptly, with the solution, users are able to book their trips, compare prices for bus, train, and flight routes available between the two destinations and explore the cheapest, fastest, and recommended prices.

Momentarily,, Africa’s mobility sector is experiencing a boom like never before. At the granular level, mobility companies solve key challenges in the transportation value- chain by offering proprietary technology, which makes mobility a service of convenience and choice.

But then, with the proliferation of ride-hailing and logistics services that attempt to solve these key issues, mobility companies have yet to scratch the surface.

In this regard and according to Wyclife Omondi, Cofounder of BuuPass, “Everyday over 30 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) travel from one city to another and over 40B dollars are spent every year on domestic travel and transport. However the market is hyper- fragmented and broken.

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So, what this means is: “A single intercity bus operator with an average of 30 buses and 20 bus stops has its operator using pen and paper to manage their operations, hence, causing cash leakage and a bad customer experience.”

Thus, founded in 2016, BuuPass provides a holistic solution to both operators and end users in the mobility ecosystem. Its web platform enables long-distance transport operators to digitise and manage their services, inventory and sales, minimise cash leakages, and run seamless online bookings through its Bus Management System (BMS).

Further, it also offers affordable parcel logistics for individuals and businesses that are cost sensitive to high prices from current logistics & shipping providers.

So, on BuuPass, travellers are able to explore and compare different travel options and make payments with mobile money.

Hence, armed with the mission to bridge the gap between the operators and 500m+ mobile phone users in Sub-Saharan Africa, founders Wyclife Omondi and Sonia Kabra, say “BuuPass solves key customer pain points on B2B and B2C side while building scalable infrastructure and digitizing the transport industry from the grassroots. Yet, digitising mobility across Africa wouldn’t be a walk in the park, given the continent’s regional complexities.”

Therefore, according to the International Transport Forum (2018) Blockchain and Beyond, held in Paris, three major layers are required to bolster the digitisation of mobility – operators, IT providers and mobility service providers.


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