Caution: We Must Avoid Election Machine Poll-Counting Fraud

Caution: We Must Avoid Election Machine Poll-Counting Fraud
Caution: We Must Avoid Election Machine Poll-Counting Fraud

By Cletus George

As Nigeria gears up to hold general elections this year, there is high possibility of recording Election Machine Fraud and remarkable inaccuracy evidence of machine adding votes to one candidate while investigators who were again same manufacturers of the machines came out to say they checked and there were no discrepancies.

There is therefore palpable fears right now that the Election Machines that will be used to conduct polls count at the elections in Nigeria cannot turn in accurate voting results.

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According to a concerned citizen, John Aremu, resident in Lagos,. Nigeria, the discrepancies of the Election Machines were evident when some county hand-counted votes in the USA, were checked against the machine results, and they were found to be different by many thousand votes! And this happened during the last elections that saw Joe Biden clinch the US Presidential election victory in 2020.

The machine investigators were, therefore, caught lying to cover the machines’ failure and inaccuracy.

This comes as a matter of grave concern as lump votes can, therefore, be added to a preferred candidate by remote control which the operators of the machines cannot detect on ground but is detectable, in fact made impossible, if the actual votes are hand counted.


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