CELEBRATION: MTN Marks Three Decades of Digital Excellence, Looking Forward To 2054.

CELEBRATION MTN Marks Three Decades of Digital Excellence, Looking Forward To 2054.
CELEBRATION MTN Marks Three Decades of Digital Excellence, Looking Forward To 2054.

Celebrating World Telecoms Day, MTN reflects on 30 years of innovation and envisions a brighter, connected future leading into 2054.

“South Africa‘s path to democracy coincided with the inception of MTN, laying the groundwork for a telecom giant that would significantly shape the nation’s connectivity landscape,” recalls Charles Molapisi, CEO of MTN South Africa.

Historic Milestones and Expansive Reach:

From the early days with a modest team, MTN embarked on an ambitious journey, swiftly rolling out a network that set global records. “Launching operations in 1994, our ambitious team installed and activated an extraordinary hundred base stations per month,” notes Molapisi.

Over three decades, MTN has built far more than mere networks. “We’ve forged digital bridges, connecting disparate communities, facilitating access to telemedicine, education, and inclusive financial solutions,” he elaborates.

Investment in Connectivity and Nationwide Coverage:

In the last decade, the telecom leader has consistently funneled nearly R10 billion annually into its operations, now boasting 97% coverage of the national population. Investments continue, not just in coverage but in the robustness of their networks, ensuring reliable access to the digital world for South Africans.

Major Growth and Impactful Presence:

The establishment that blossomed from 20 initial employees now stands tall with over 4,200 staff members, servicing the needs of 37.1 million subscribers. With this, they’ve realized a 3% service revenue growth in early 2024.

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The smartphone evolution has paved the way for accessible services across various sectors. “MTN’s role is pivotal in integrating services through apps, changing how people across the globe engage and share information in real-time,” adds Molapisi.

In conclusion, MTN, as a corporate champion of social responsibility, takes an active role in societal development.

“We’re investing in STEM education and community upliftment by providing media centres and promoting coding as well as robotics learning, particularly in underprivileged areas,” shares Molapisi. Commitments of nearly R385 million for school support reflect this dedication, with special focus on special needs education.

“With MTN at the forefront of technological Innovation, we have a Future Filled with Infinite Possibilities.” He concluded.


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