Chinese Govt.To Partner Nigeria On CNG Initiative

Chinese Govt.To Partner Nigeria On CNG Initiative
Chinese Govt.To Partner Nigeria On CNG Initiative

The Government of Nigeria is exploring prospective partnerships to propel investments in the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle sector.

In recent discussions with representatives from the Chinese firm Wen Advisor, Ambassador Nicholas Agbo Ella, the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Petroleum, underscored the vast investment potential present within Nigeria’s burgeoning natural gas market.

John Ameh, the media spokesperson for the ministry, clarified that the move towards enhancing the country’s gas infrastructure is part of a broader strategy to transition to more environmentally friendly energy sources.

In reinforcing the government’s intentions, Kamoru Busari, Director of the Upstream Department, affirmed commitments to nurturing an investment-friendly climate conducive to market expansion.

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This dialogue follows Wen Advisor’s Managing Director Haikuo Weng expressing a keen interest in the Nigerian CNG vehicle initiative. Weng has emphasized the necessity of gauging the current usage of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and CNG by Nigerian bus fleets to aid in the development of compatible gas station infrastructure.

Extending a collaborative hand, Weng has offered to supply CNG buses at favorable rates, aligning with Nigeria’s aspirations to modify its energy usage within the transportation sector. He aims to examine the practicability of erecting natural gas refuelling facilities throughout Nigeria.


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