Covid-19: Morocco Bans Flights from China

By our Correspondent

Following a new wave of the outbreak of the Corona Virus disease, Morocco said Saturday it was banning travelers from China in a bid to stave off a possible new wave of coronavirus infections in Morocco’s cities.

In this regard, a foreign affairs ministry statement said the restrictions would be extended to all people arriving from China regardless of their nationality.

Thus, the ban will come into force “from 3 January and until further notice”, the statement added.

It worthy of note that China ended its strict Covid restrictions in December, leading to a spike in cases. With some of the best vaccination rates in the world, Beijing says most of the cases after the reopening have been mild.

Also, Chinese authorities have announced that the their borders would reopen for inbound and outbound travel starting January 8th, with travelers needing only to present negative PCR tests.

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Meanwhile, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, like the United States and South Korea, have also announced they would impose a Covid test on travellers coming from China in order to ward off a widespread effect of the infection.


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