Danish Prime Minister Attack, Not Political, Says Authority

Danish Prime Minister Attack, Not Political, Says Authority
Danish Prime Minister Attack, Not Political, Says Authority

Danish authorities have indicated that the recent attack on Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, leaving her with a minor whiplash injury and considerably shaken, likely had no political motives. The statement followed the incident on Friday evening in a Copenhagen square where the Prime Minister was assaulted, resulting in her hospitalization for a check-up.

A 39-year-old Polish national, apprehended for the attack, has been remanded in custody till June 20, as conveyed by prosecutor Taruh Sekeroglu during a court appearance in Copenhagen. Initial investigations suggest the assault was not politically driven, yet the matter remains under police examination.

The Prime Minister’s office confirmed Frederiksen’s whiplash injury from the assault and described her as “safe but shaken by the incident,” leading to the cancellation of her scheduled appointments on Saturday.

Reports from the court revealed the assailant was under the influence and mentally unstable at the time of the assault. Despite denying any guilt, the defendant could not recount his actions during the time frame of the attack when questioned in court.

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This attack drew widespread condemnation from European leaders, including French President Emmanuel Macron, who denounced the act as “unacceptable” and wished Frederiksen a quick recovery.

Eyewitnesses Marie Adrian and Anna Ravn reported seeing Frederiksen receiving a forceful shove from a man, which, although did not result in a fall, significantly impacted her. The assailant was quickly subdued by security personnel.

The incident, condemned by prominent figures such as EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen for contradicting the core values upheld in Europe, has drawn attention to the safety of political leaders. Frederiksen, who became Denmark’s youngest prime minister in 2019 and sustained her position following the 2022 general elections, experienced this attack amidst a broader context of assaults on European politicians, highlighting an increasing concern for their security.


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