Death Of Student At Kaduna Military School Spurs Investigation

Death Of Student At Kaduna Military School Spurs Investigation
Death Of Student At Kaduna Military School Spurs Investigation

The Air Force Comprehensive School in Kaduna is mourning the loss of 15-year-old student, Blaise Felix Aliyu, who tragically passed away subsequent to severe punishment meted out by two upperclassmen.

Survived by his twin brother, also a student at the same institution in Mando, Kaduna, the pair faced the world without their parents since they were four years old. The incident, involving two SS3 students who allegedly lured Aliyu under a false pretense which led to his death, has shaken the school community.

Following the tragedy, the young student’s remains were transferred to a local mortuary, as confirmed by the school’s administration.

Air Vice Marshal Edward Gabkwet, representing the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) as its spokesperson, articulated the profound grief enveloping the institution and assured the public of the Air Force’s commitment to investigating the incident thoroughly.

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On behalf of Air Marshal Hasan Abubakar, Chief of the Air Staff, and the wider NAF community, Gabkwet announced, “The entire NAF family is deeply affected by the distressing and premature departure of one of our students from the Air Force Secondary School in Kaduna, which occurred on June 19, 2024.”

He continued, addressing the need for transparency and action, “A comprehensive inquiry is already underway to thoroughly understand the sequence of events, the rationale, and the exact cause that led to this tragic loss. We promise to approach this situation with the seriousness it demands and to pursue answers until the truth is uncovered.”

This heart-wrenching event underscores pressing concerns on student welfare and disciplinary measures within educational settings, especially those connected to military institutions. As the investigation progresses, the expectation for clarity and accountability grows amongst the bereaved family, school community, and public.


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