Digital Wellness For Positive Impact Through Relationship

Technology freaks have been reminded that in order to enhance the way they live with it, there’s ample need to discover one’s identity and realise that it isn’t only their relationship with technology that must be assessed, but also their relationship with themselves and fellow mortal beings, therefore leading to digital wholesomeness.

This is the focal point stressed in a book, Digitally Well (Structures And Society In The Tech Era) written by Oluwatosin Olabode, the administrative director at Doing Healthy Africa, which was launched in Abuja yesterday.

Speaking on Digital Wellness in the 164-page book self-published under Strengthening Society Today Foundation at the launch and summit yesterday, Olabode said while technology was designed to enhance lives, make things better and increase productivity, its interpretation and operation could either be good or bad, therefore having positive or negative impact on lives, often based on perception and view about life.

Digital wellness has become a necessity in our generation. It’s a way of life while using technology that promotes optimal health and well-being in which body, mind and spirit are integrated by the individual to live more completely within the mortal, natural and digital communities. “

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No digital and or wellness discussion can ever be complete without a dialogue on digital wellness, ”he said, pointing out that the book is for anyone looking for balance on one part, with technology as the best traction, but on the other hand, can let it become a great distraction.

The book reviewer, Mr Victor Prince Dickson, a transformation coach, said while technology was taking over the space, the book tries to remind people that despite all its benefits, they should remain humans and not allow technology take away the fact that they’re still humans.

We need to remind ourselves of what makes us humans, that despite using technology, we shouldn’t allow it destroy us, we should strike a balance, and avoid using it erroneously, ”he said.

Recommending the book to anyone looking to find meaning in life, having the challenge of identity and productivity, enhancement of performance, Dickson said it would help both young and old become better persons and more productive in their separate endeavours.

The book is the future of balance, we embrace technology with the good, bad and ugly, it’ll help to manage with the bad aspect of technology, it’s the future of productivity through technology if people know how to use it well, ” he added.

Oluwatosin Olabode, the author of eight other books and two-time TEDx and international speaker, is an alumnus of the Digital Wellness Institute (USA), a Barak Obama young African leader initiative fellow, a guest professional with Art & Tech for a Better World (Argentina) among other attainments. Panelists at the summit during the launch included Aisha Bubah, Halima Nurudeen, Dennis Agbeti and the reviewer, Victor Prince Dickson and all spoke of the imperative of digital wellness.


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