Elumelu Stamps Feet Across the Continent

Elumelu Stamps Feet Across the Continent

Right from his days at the defunct Standard Trust Bank, until he took over the driver’s seat at Africa’s foremost financial institution, United Bank for Africa (UBA), mercurial Tony Elumelu, always stood tall as a big tree in the nation’s volatile banking and corporate sectors.

At present, this financial guru is seen as a popular brand being variously copied by many who want to be successful in their endeavours.

Hence, the UBA CEO’s Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) is a blessing to many young African budding entrepreneurs, with abundant financial assistance at its behest.

The TEF has fulfilled the dreams of over 10, 000 youths across the African continent since its establishment in 2010. With this, he has succeeded in stamping his feet across the continent of Africa while he is also fast becoming one of the most talked about and respected entrepreneurs across the globe.

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Again, what many may not readily know about the enterprising and highly industrious Elumelu is that a handful of the younger generation of corporate/business entrepreneurs, over the years, have been emulating his unique style, mannerism and eloquence with delight and enthusiasm.

Operating with this modest,, he now has significant investments in the energy, hospitality, agribusiness, insurance, healthcare and real estate sectors. And, of course, all of these businesses are doing very well.


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