Empowerment And Equality: Albinos In Osun Call For Change

Empowerment And Equality: Albinos In Osun Call For Change
Empowerment And Equality: Albinos In Osun Call For Change

In Osun State, Nigeria, the local chapter of the Albinism Association Of Nigeria (AAN) is calling for support to improve the lives and rights of individuals with albinism. The Osun AAN Chairman, Aghanti Sunday Smith, released a statement in observation of the 2024 Albinism Day, emphasizing the significance of this year’s theme, “10 Years of IAAD: A Decade Of Collective Progress”, and advocating for substantial societal change.

Smith stated, “We need to build a well accommodating and interacting environment which will enhance social security and integration of persons with Albinism in the society and the grassroots, including family, residents and co-workers. In view of the discrimination faced by Persons with Albinism, focussing on social stigmatisation and exclusion, low vision and the deadly skin challenges known as cancer, we encourage parents, guardians and the society to understand the concept of the genetic makeup, unverified facts and other societal beliefs.”

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He continued by underscoring the global commitment towards improving the plight of individuals with albinism, “highlighting the ongoing need for legal, policy, and practical reforms to guarantee that individuals with albinism, particularly in Osun State, can fully and equally enjoy their rights.”

This rallying cry from the AAN in Osun is a call to action for the government, civil society, and all stakeholders to step forward in creating a more inclusive and equitable society that recognizes the challenges individuals with albinism face and actively work towards providing equal opportunities and rights.


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