Enugu Govt. To Train 40, 000 Youths On Skills, AI

Enugu Govt. To Train 40, 000 Youths On Skills, AI
Enugu Govt. To Train 40, 000 Youths On Skills, AI

The government of Enugu State has unveiled a significant initiative designed to skill and empower 40,000 youths each year, with an emphasis on artificial intelligence and upgrading existing skills to global standards.

Commissioner for Youths and Sports, Lloyd Ekweremadu, detailed in a press briefing that the state aims to adopt a broad-based sectoral approach to youth skill development and empowerment, orchestrated by the Ministry of Youth.

Ekweremadu pointed out that this initiative is part of a comprehensive plan that integrates programmes across different ministries, targeting the ambitious goal of educating 40,000 young individuals annually.

The commissioner went on to explain that collaborations with multiple organizations have already facilitated skills training and empowerment initiatives. So far, 500 youths have received online artificial intelligence training and digital upskilling through partnerships with ALX and the Mastercraft Foundation, with plans to train thousands more by the year’s end.

“These training programmes aim to imbue our youths with advanced technological knowledge for multiple sectors, and to secure certifications that will enhance their competitiveness in the global labor market,” Ekweremadu stated.

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Following their training, participants will receive starter packs specific to their training to initiate commercial ventures leveraging their new skill sets, which are expected to make meaningful contributions to the state’s economy.

Ekweremadu underscored the initiatives as part of a strategic effort to prepare the youth to be at the forefront of the state’s economic growth aspirations, aiming to exponentially raise Enugu’s economy from its current valuation of $4.4 billion to a targeted $30 billion.

He expressed the state government’s confidence in these capacity-building measures, poised to widen the economic base and elevate the earning potential of the state with the youth playing a central role in driving these ambitions.


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