EU Warns: 2023 Election Offenders Shall Face Justice

The European Union (EU) Parliament Observation Mission to the 2023 general elections has advised people trying to carry out violence and other forms of electoral offense, saying they would be harshly penalized.

Ms Evin Incir, head of the EU Parliament Observation Mission to Nigeria, made this known when she led the team of the EU Parliament on a visit to Nigeria’s foreign affairs minister, Geoffrey Onyeama on Thursday in Abuja.

While responding to questions from correspondents following reported cases of violence ahead of the elections even after the Peace Accords had been signed by various parties to the elections, Incir said; “ There can never be exemption wherever violence takes place. So that’s something that we continue stressing, and we hope that this won’t take place anymore.

Incir said the European Union is eager to support in all ways possible for Nigeria to achieve free, fair and credible elections.

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Nigeria is a close friend, partner, supporter to the European Union and this is also a commitment of many years back.

We’ve been sending and will continue sending an Observation operation. EU Parliament Observation Mission conducted together with the EU Commission.

We’re eager to help out in the way we can and live up to our expectance in the way we can to ensure that on behalf of the Nigerian people.

We’re happy to hear of the ambition you have of free secure elections that are taking place. And we look forward to our cooperation with Nigeria and the member States on a lot of issues, political, profitable, environmental, climate change and mainly security,” Incir said.

In his remarks, Onyeama thanked the EU Parliament Observer Mission for its support to Nigeria’s election, adding that Nigeria won’t fail the global community in delivering peaceful and credible election.

He said that President Muhammadu Buhari wants free, fair and transparent elections to be a legacy that he’s leaving for the country.


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