FCT Minister Wike Gives Assurances To Tinubu For 2027 Elections

FCT Minister Wike Gives Assurances To Tinubu For 2027 Elections
FCT Minister Wike Gives Assurances To Tinubu For 2027 Elections

Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has confidently assured President Bola Tinubu of unwavering support in the FCT for future elections. His confidence is rooted in the testimonies of FCT residents who have witnessed the President’s commitment to fulfilling his social obligations.

This declaration was made during the inauguration of the fully developed arterial road N 20 in Abuja, where Wike praised the tangible achievements of the administration. He posited that the President’s track record of delivered promises has solidified his position, rendering any political opposition in the FCT highly unlikely.

Historically, incumbent presidents in Nigeria have faced challenges in securing the FCT during elections, often conceding the territory to opposition parties. However, Wike’s remarks suggest a shift in this pattern.

Additionally, President Tinubu commended Minister Wike for expeditious and efficient work, contributing to the successful first year of the administration. He expressed gratitude to Wike for his contributions to the FCT, particularly his role in boosting Internal Generated Revenue (IGR) through the real estate sector.

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In his speech, President Tinubu acknowledged the recommendation to name the arterial road after Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka, considering it an apt homage to Soyinka’s international acclaim for Nigeria. The President echoed the sentiment that the completed project is emblematic of his administration’s developmental goals to enhance every sector of the economy and all regions of the Federation.

The project, which Wike confirmed was commissioned without any contractual variations, represents a step towards economic prosperity and underscores the government’s commitment to infrastructural development in support of Nigeria’s growing population and needs.

With Wike’s optimism and the administration’s initiatives, the President’s reassurance in FCT support paints a picture of hope and confidence for the 2027 electoral prospect.

SOURCE: Africa Today News, New York.


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