FIRST YEAR OF ADMINISTRATION: Tinubu Claims His Administration Has Stopped Nigeria From Bleeding

President Tinubu Commissions New Bridge In Akwa Ibom
President Tinubu Commissions New Bridge In Akwa Ibom

President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria has touted the first year of his administration as a period of intervention, during which significant strides have been made to stabilize and advance the country despite facing numerous challenges.

In his words, President Tinubu stated that his leadership has successfully arrested the ‘bleeding’ of the nation, setting a course for prosperity. He made these remarks while hosting the Yoruba Leaders of Thought at the State House on Friday.

A media release from Ajuri Ngelale, the President’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, quoted the President as follows: “The journey thus far has been challenging yet rewarding. We assumed office at a time when the nation was in turmoil. I can assert confidently that we have stemmed the proverbial bleeding. Nigeria will not only recover but will also embark on a journey of prosperity, a commitment I made, and one you entrusted to me.

“Our administration is steering through troubled waters, but the most difficult times have passed. We are forging ahead, and Nigeria will triumph,” Tinubu affirmed.

President Tinubu has assured citizens of accountability and the pursuit of positive outcomes that will reach all corners of society. His administration is focused on leaving a legacy of affluence rather than the burdens of poor governance, and on improving public services.

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“We aim to invest every penny wisely, not for our own benefit, but for that of our posterity. Our actions today will not weigh down our children. Instead, they will inherit the wealth of a nation that has realized its potential,” said President Tinubu.

He also emphasized the importance of reinforcing governance and leadership across various levels, advocating for fiscal federalism, and supporting inclusivity and fairness throughout the country.

President Tinubu highlighted ongoing improvements in healthcare, infrastructure, and education. He urged citizens to hold their state leaders accountable and to ensure a collaborative effort between state governments for the betterment of the country.

Concluding his remarks, the President reaffirmed his position on the federal system and the need for a flexible approach to local governance to accommodate Nigeria’s growing demographic and geographical requirements.

“Our administrative model is committed to federalism and fiscal responsibility, which will be mirrored in our approach to local governance, ensuring adaptability to meet the nation’s expanding needs,” Tinubu concluded.


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