French President Macron announces new strategy for Africa

The French president announced on Monday his plan to reduce the number of French troops in Africa.

Before his visit to Africa that will start on Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron presented at a press conference his new strategy for Africa, including a new model of cooperation that Africans should play a major role.

“The change will begin in the coming months,” he said, and promised intensified French efforts in training and supplying equipment to military bases, in favor of their African partners.

The president also called for a “new, balanced, reciprocal, and responsible relationship” with Africa.

Relations with Maghreb countries

Macron also stressed that he will continue to progress in order to strengthen relations with the North African Maghreb countries of Algeria and Morocco.

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“It’s not the best time but this will not stop me,” he vowed.

– Returning looted artifacts

In addition, Macron announced a framework art to return artifacts to African countries that are seeking repatriation of their heritage.

“The culture minister will submit the law to parliament in the coming weeks,” he said, and added: “This will determine the methods and criteria of the process.”


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