Ghana Faces Shortage Of Power Supply Due To Decreased Gas From Nigeria

Ghana is currently facing a three-week disruption in its power supply, as confirmed by the Ghana Grid Company LTD. (GRIDCo) and the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), attributed to decreased gas supplies from Nigeria. This development has affected multiple areas around the country since Wednesday, June 12, 2024.

“The public has been experiencing power interruptions due to the diminishing gas supply from Nigeria. This situation is a result of maintenance activities being performed by a gas supplier in Nigeria and is expected to persist for a duration of three weeks,” according to the joint statement released by GRIDCo and ECG on Thursday.

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The West Africa Gas Pipeline Company (WAP Co) has elaborated on the reasons behind the gas supply cut, linking it to the necessary maintenance works. This has subsequently led to a reduction in the overall power generation capacity in Ghana and could potentially necessitate load management measures until the maintenance work is completed.

In the face of these energy challenges, GRIDCo and ECG have sought to reassure the public of their efforts in collaboration with other key stakeholders within the power sector. They aim to optimize the use of available energy resources and mitigate the impacts of the reduced gas supply on consumers.


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