Golden Opportunity: New Opportunities To Invest In Gold In South Sudan Gold Industry

Golden Opportunity New Opportunities To Invest In Gold In South Sudan Gold Industry
Golden Opportunity New Opportunities To Invest In Gold In South Sudan Gold Industry

Central and eastern Equatoria regions are emerging as gold hotspots in South Sudan, with numerous alluvial sites yielding notable gold concentrations.

The Luri River area alone, just 40 kilometers from Juba, boasts over 50 such sites, while significant findings have also surfaced near Kinyeti River, around Nimule, and in the vicinity of Karpeto to the northeast.

As South Sudan carves out its reputation on the global stage for its abundant mineral wealth, its flourishing gold sector beckons collaborations with experienced producers.

This partnership opportunity promises mutual benefits through improved methods of mining exploration, extraction processes, and the potential for adding value within the country.

In alignment with these developments, the South Sudan Oil and Power Conference and Expo is set to mark its eighth year with a milestone expansion to include a dedicated mining forum. This forum is poised to unveil South Sudan’s rich, yet largely untapped, mining capacity.

International investment in this nascent industry is highly encouraged, with invites extended to global investors and corporations to connect with the South Sudanese Ministry of Mining. Participants can expect unparalleled access to emergent prospects in this mineral-rich sector.

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South Sudan’s geology mirrors that of its gold-rich neighbors, the DRC and northern Uganda, raising expectations about its undiscovered reserves.

The neighboring DRC, sitting at the 16th position in global gold production, and the recent uncovering of vast gold ore deposits in Uganda, signal a hopeful projection for South Sudan’s own gold potential.

Notably, the artisanal mining culture dominates the gold-rich central and eastern Equatoria regions, with significant activities spanning multiple localities.

Raising the Bar for International Collaborations: In a strategic move, South Sudan and South Africa inked an MOU in February designed to foster mining sector cooperation, bringing expertise in mineral exploration, knowledge sharing, and skill development to the forefront.

The call for international investment by South Sudan’s Minister of Mining aligns with these intentions, ushering in a new era of private sector integration.


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