High-Level Delegation Visit at Mekele Important Step Towards Peace in Ethiopia, Says Japan’s Ambassador Takako


The official visit of a high level of government delegation to Japan embassy by members of the House of People’s Representatives and government officials in Mekele, the regional capital of Tigray is an important step towards peace in Ethiopia, Japan’s Ambassador Takako said.

It would be recalled that a delegation led by Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives Tagesse Chafo, comprising ministers, heads of service providing institutions, and National Dialogue commissioners, held a day-long visit to Mekele City Tuesday.

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Speaking to journalists, Japan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Ito Takako said the visit is an important step towards peace in Ethiopia.

Takako stated that the Government of Japan supports the steps taken by the Ethiopian government towards peace.

Also, according to her, the visit will help consolidate the ongoing peace effort and helps the two sides to share ideas and feelings of each other.

The Government of Japan, therefore, sees it as an important step toward peace and stability in this country.

Interestingly, Ethiopia is very important not only for itself but the Horn of Africa as well, Ambassador Takako said, adding that Japan will support the Ethiopian government’s effort and the national dialogue commission.
“We will continue to see in what areas Japan can assist Ethiopia in the implementation of the peace agreement,” the ambassador stated.

She reiterated that Ethiopia is a very crucial country in Africa. It has the second-largest population in the entire Africa, and is also found in a strategic location, she elaborated.

Because of this, therefore, we are looking for the stability of Ethiopia and the region as well.

Also, besides humanitarian assistance for northern Ethiopia, Japan would like to strengthen development and cooperation with Ethiopia.

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Hence, “We are ready and have commitment in this area. Within the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is very, very important; and we will be strengthening our cooperation.”

Accordingly, Ethiopia and Japan started diplomatic relationship in the 1930s and signed Treaty of Amity and Commerce.

And in 1933, Ethiopia established an honorary consulate-general in Osaka, while in 1936 Japan has established a legation in Ethiopia.

Significantly, after the Second World War in 1955, Japan restored diplomatic relations with Ethiopia and in 1958 both Japan and Ethiopia established embassies in each capital.


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