How A Kenya’s Fashion Brand “LooksLike” Avido Move From Slum To Global Acclaim

In a tremendous casual settlement at the core of Nairobi, a young fellow is changing the story in the style business. At David Ochieng’s studio in Kibera ghetto, each join is made with extraordinary accuracy to deliver fine quality outfits.

David made his style image ‘Lookslike Avido’ from the motivation he drew from his experience as an artist. His modified outfits at the time were preferred by many individuals thus he chose to attempt his hand in the design business.

‘LooksLike Avido’ has seen gigantic development and has had the option to get through the global design business, something Ochieng is exceptionally glad for and anxious to share.

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“Up to now I have had the option to dress individuals like Chronixx, I have had the option to dress Buju Bunton, I have had the option to dress Ty Dolla Sign, Bruno Mars, Alaine, Ce’cile, Christopher Martin, Romain Virgo, Jah Fix and afterward on we additionally worked with Beyoncé for Dark Is Top dog” he says.

Ochieng rushes to add that the collection featured his image as one of the design organizations out there that was supporting human instinct and furthermore supporting how individuals live in the general public.”

20% of each and every deal made by ‘Lookslike Avido’ goes to the Avido establishment to assist with local area strengthening projects and instructing brilliant understudies from the ghetto.

“We have programs like sewing program, beside sewing program, this sewing program resembles by which we are preparing hard of hearing ladies and youthful moms how to make garments. When they know how to create garments then we can acquaint them with individuals that can give them entry level position or they can search for their own temporary job then after that once they are great in sewing then we can acquaint them with individuals who can enlist them or they can begin their own organizations”.

A considerable lot of the recipients of Avido establishment are presently guaranteed of a superior future with the endeavors being made by David to change lives. One of them, Esther Nduku.

“I have had the option to make this sets of shorts. After the preparation I’m confident I will be utilized or open my own business” she told Africanews Kenyan journalist Ronald Agak.

In charge of Coronavirus pandemic ‘Lookslike Avido’ efficiently manufactured facial coverings that were given free to the occupants of Kibera, a motion that procured him an official distinction for extraordinary help during the Covid Pandemic.

In this way, who says that a style fashioner from one of the greatest ghettos of east Africa can not get worldwide consideration or recognition. Ochieng is one of the exceptions out there discrediting this.


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