I Will Have Cordial Relationship With National Assembly – Atiku

I Will Have Cordial Relationship With National Assembly - Atiku
I Will Have Cordial Relationship With National Assembly - Atiku

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar, has said he’ll ensure a cordial relationship with the coming National Assembly if he emerges president.

Atiku stated this when he met with federal lawmakers elected on the platform of PDP in Abuja.

The former vice president said, “A lot has been said about your role. Those of you who are members of the National Assembly have been performing your works.

But let me say that it’s very important as members of the same party, that we should have a robust engagement and understanding in our separate duties.

During my term as vice president, I developed a very intimate relationship with members of the National Assembly and it’s that relationship that enabled us to stop a third term or life presidency attempt by President Obasanjo.

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I really look forward to engaging you again, as regard to the National Assembly, for your constitutional functions to further consolidate democracy, development and progress of our nation. “

Our nation has found itself in one of the most challenging times in the history of this country. You know that we’re more disunited than ever before, because of the activities and the programs of the current APC government.

Likewise, our security situation has gone from bad to worse. Our economy is in shambles. These are very serious challenges facing us, you in particular and also the executive. We must work together to take out the country from its present predicament and malaise.

These are no main challenges. These are challenges that the Constitution has bestowed on both of us to discharge. I hence want to wish you success in this deliberation and to assure you the most important thing if you ’re elected and I’m elected, you aren’t going to work with somebody unknown or somebody who doesn’t have the experience.

Like what we’ve presently, we’ve a president who does n’t even understand what the National Assembly stands for. So you’re going to walk somebody who has worked with the National Assembly before and successfully too, facing the incumbent president and still making sure that we protected the constitution.


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