If I am elected, I will restructure Nigeria – Atiku

People’s Democratic Party presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar has vowed to turn his attention to restructuring the Nigerian federation if he is elected president. Atiku delivered the pledge on Thursday while addressing party supporters at the party’s general meeting in Ibadan.

The candidate said that he not only recognizes, but also recognizes the importance of delegation of authority to the state in order to accelerate development.

According to him, the Atiku-Okowa government will provide sufficient funding for education, especially at universities, to end the perpetual strike regime.

“Now it is known that this region in the southwest is undergoing restructuring, which means giving the state more powers or more autonomy and funding.

“Now, it is one of the five pillars of our program to make sure we implement restructuring, meaning that we give you more resources and more powers so that you can develop your respective zones and states as well as your local government. This is a commitment.

“Again, we are committed to making sure that there are no more strikes in our university, meaning we will fund our universities and pay our teachers on time so that we don’t have any disruptions to our academic activities.

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“Now, Southwest is known to be also a business center. That’s why in our economic program, we are committed to making sure that the industrialization of the Southwest is achieved in support with the federal government. This is a commitment. “

Atiku reiterated his commitment to implementing his five point agenda if given the mandate.

He said, “There are five major commitments we made to the people of this country, the Unity, we must make sure, must be inclusive. Every part of this country will be represented in our government, not like what the APC command is doing.

“We also commit to making sure that we control and always take control of your security situation, so that there is law and order in every part of this country. These are our commitments.

“It is not like the commitments of the APC in the last seven to eight years, everything they have committed, they have failed to implement.

“So, if you are a living witness, now is your chance to vote NO against APC. Therefore, I would like to encourage the people of Oyo State to support the PDP from top to bottom so that we can work together towards the victory and progress of our great country.

Everyone here is in debt because you borrow money every day, the PDP president said in a speech earlier.

“As a ruling party, we have improved the lives of all Nigerians. We’re working on it until you were deceived.

“After the elections, there will be no APC in Nigeria. They will disappear over Nigeria and return in small groups.

He also urged disgruntled party members to return to the fold as the PDP was poised to retake power from the center.

Ayu said, “We will win at all levels. The PDP will cover the entire country, our entire house, the House of Representatives, the Governor and of course back to Villa. This year we will assume the presidency by the grace of God.

You will find that the PDP is back. We are not just returning, we are working for you again. To repair your roads and improve your education because your opponents don’t care whether our children have been at home for a year now.”



















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