JUST IN! HYPERTENSION: The Subtle Poison That Can Be Defeated

JUST IN! HYPERTENSION The Subtle Poison That Can Be Defeated
JUST IN! HYPERTENSION The Subtle Poison That Can Be Defeated

The observance of World Hypertension Day today, May 17 serves as a timely reminder of the crucial practice of keeping our blood pressure in check.

Known as hypertension, elevated blood pressure is a leading contributor to cardiovascular diseases. It can result in various heart-related conditions, including angina, heart attacks, and arrhythmias, and can also cause kidney failure and strokes due to arterial damage in the brain.

Go for Routine Monitoring

Monitoring blood pressure is key to gauging stroke risk, and regulating hypertension can significantly reduce the likelihood of a stroke.

“Individuals over 40 or those at risk of hypertension should have their blood pressure measured at least annually,” suggests Dr. Paul Soko, Life Rehabilitation’s Chief Medical Officer. For those with high readings, doctors might prescribe medication to maintain optimal blood pressure levels.

Dr. Soko points out that heredity, being over 65, and conditions like diabetes or kidney disease are major risk factors for hypertension.

Always Pursue Wellness

Dr. Soko emphasizes that we can mitigate our hypertension risk with certain controllable lifestyle actions:

Adopt a low-salt, low-fat diet. Increase intake of fruits and veggies. Maintain an active lifestyle and a healthy weight. Avoid smoking and seek help to quit if needed. Limit alcohol consumption.

The World Health Organization indicates that over a billion people globally suffer from hypertension, a key factor in untimely fatalities.

Hypertension disproportionately affects people in low and middle-income regions, accounting for two-thirds of cases worldwide.

Hypertension’s silent nature is what makes it particularly dangerous, half of those with the condition don’t even know they have it, risking serious health issues and mortality.

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Taking control of blood pressure through lifestyle choices is vital. Positive choices today can lead to a healthier future. We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to stay active, eat healthfully, and undergo regular blood pressure screenings.

Recovery and Prevention Protocols

For those who have suffered a stroke, prompt and intensive physical rehabilitation is pivotal, not only for recovery but also to avert chronic health issues.

“Facilities like ours at Life Rehabilitation offer multidisciplinary teams comprising medical professionals who facilitate your recuperation,” mentions Dr. Soko. Complete stroke recovery is achievable with focused, comprehensive care, such as that provided by Life Rehabilitation, though prevention remains the optimal strategy.

Life Rehabilitation specializes in aiding patients who have been suddenly incapacitated by a stroke, severe injury, or other complex medical conditions, through dedicated healthcare and rehabilitation services.

For further details about Life Healthcare and its physical rehabilitation offerings, you can reach us on our website at www.lifehealthcare.co.za


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