JUST IN: Nigeria Enforces $300 Helicopter Landing Levy Amidst Industry Protests

JUST IN Nigeria Enforces $300 Helicopter Landing Levy Amidst Industry Protests
JUST IN Nigeria Enforces $300 Helicopter Landing Levy Amidst Industry Protests

The Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Development in Nigeria affirms its decision to impose a new levy on helicopter landings, despite helicopter operators’ protests and concerns about multiple taxation.

The ministry asserts that this levy aligns with global practices and serves as a cost recovery strategy to enhance helicopter operations in the country.

Head, Press and Public Affairs of the Ministry, Odutayo Oluseyi, in a statement stated that the introduction of helicopter landing levies, was “in line with international best practices to enhance the quality of helicopter operations,” saying the move was “a cost recovery measure.”

The Ministry said it “recognises the importance of helicopter operations in Nigeria’s aviation industry and is committed to implementing international best practices in helicopter operations through its agency – Nigeria Airspace Management Agency (NAMA).”

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The appointment of NAEBI Dynamic Concepts Limited as the exclusive collector of the new levy is part of the efforts to align with international practices for managing air navigation services and improving safety and security within the Nigerian aviation sector, as seen in other countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.

Through its agencies, including NAMA, FAAN, and NCAA, the ministry intends to utilize the revenue from the landing charges to bolster the aviation industry’s infrastructure and services, thereby improving efficiency and encouraging further investments.

The FG stated “We are confident that this move will improve capacity, efficiency, safety, security, and attract more investment in the aviation industry. We encourage all stakeholders to be committed to this laudable initiative that has followed due processes and procedures, and should embrace the new normal.”

The FG urges stakeholders to support this initiative, which has been established through due process and aims towards advancing Nigeria’s aviation industry standards.


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