Kenzo Grammy Nominees Pave Way For Deprived Youth

Orphaned and homeless, Eddy Kenzo used to struggle to convince disc jockeys to play his songs, but Uganda’s first Grammy contender said his success offers possibility that even the poorest person can triumph.

Nominated for a Grammy Award for Stylish Global Music Performance, Kenzo– whose real name is Edrisah Musuuza – has but one dream, broadcast his culture to the world.

I try to use my culture and what I know to sell to the world. I sell the language that I speak, I sell the music we do then locally and I update it and put out the sound that comes from where I come from and it goes global,” explained the Grammy nominee to AFP.

Despite growing up depressed, Kenzo pursued his dreams and made a name for himself with hit single “Stamina”, which grew to dominate airwaves.

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His global profile rose with the release in 2014 of “Sitya Loss” a peppy number trumpeting the power of adaptability.

Being nominated in Grammy, when I do n’t do English, when I do n’t try to do that kind of music that’s done there and here and be honored in my own way it’s like crazy. It’s so so so crazy I ca n’t even express how I feel.”

Thirteen years after his big break, Kenzo is en route to take home a Grammy for” Gim me Love”, his 2022 Luganda- English song featuring US musician Matt B.

I love who I am, I love promoting who I am. I had to let him do what he does, but I had to make sure that I bring in myself in my own way. I started doing my Luganda and I tutored him some of the pass, I told him to do it. And also this is what we did. And the message “ Gim me Love ” it’s all about giving love. I just looked of the story of him and his kids coming to pursue the to push whatever they wanted to push to make their life better and love was the only way. Nothing could be better than that,” says Kenzo.

Despite his dynamic rise, the father of two hasn’t forgotten his humble beginnings and is keen to pave the way for others like him.

Through his label Big Talent Entertainment, he mentors Kampala’s underprivileged youth to develop their musical gift.


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