Kigali to Host Pivotal eLearning Africa 2024 Conference

Kigali to Host Pivotal eLearning Africa 2024 Conference
Kigali to Host Pivotal eLearning Africa 2024 Conference

Kigali, Rwanda will welcome the esteemed eLearning Africa conference, Africa’s leading event on digital learning and skills development, from May 29th to 31st.

Hosted by the Ministry of Education, Rwanda, the conference will gather a remarkable group of professionals including experts, leaders, and innovators from various sectors.

The 2024 theme, “Education Fuels Innovation, Investment Amplifies Skills: Africa’s Vibrant Leap Forward,” underscores the symbiosis of education, investment, and innovation.

The eLearning Africa 2024 event will focus on capacity building in critical industries through over 72 sessions and workshops facilitating cross-sector collaboration.

The Minister for Education, Hon. Claudette Irere, acknowledges the shift towards blended learning methods and the necessity for education systems to adapt for future technological demands.

She says “Today, there is an increasing need to adopt a blended mode of learning to foster broader access to quality education and resiliency of the education systems, for all students to be prepared for the technological revolution of the 21st century, and beyond.”

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Highlighting the importance of the conference, Rebecca Stromeyer, CEO & Founder of eLearning Africa, emphasizes Africa’s dedication to digital education and skill development, as the event aims to foster innovation and empower the youth for digital leadership.

She says “eLearning Africa 2024 reaffirms the continent’s commitment to embracing digital technologies for groundbreaking education and skills development. By fostering cross-sector collaborations, we aim to drive innovation in digital learning, empowering Africa’s youth to lead in the digital age.”

With two pivotal plenary sessions, the event will open discussions on the impact of strategic education investments on innovation, aligning with the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the SDGs.

Other sessions will delve into transformative education strategies, underscoring digital innovation’s role in future workforce development.

Noteworthy speakers such as Hon. Minister Gaspard Twagirayezu, Dr. Laila Macharia, and others will present keynotes at the conference, which promises a robust networking hub for attendees from the academic, corporate, and public sectors.


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