Lagos Govt. Moves To Banish Power Outage, Pledges To Enhance Electricity Transmission, Disruption

Nigeria's Power Grid Suffers Failure Fourth Time In 2024
Nigeria's Power Grid Suffers Failure Fourth Time In 2024

In a bid to banish the woes of power outages, the Lagos State Government has reaffirmed its commitment to harnessing electricity generation, transmission, and distribution.

Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources, Biodun Ogunlewe, reassured Nigerians that the state is dedicated to illuminating the path forward.

“We believe that the passage is the beginning of the revolution that Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu has promised the people of the state. We are going to witness where the state grid will operate in such a way that we are not encountering the challenges that come from a largely single source,” Ogunlewe stated.

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The Lagos State Electricity Bill 2024, aimed at repealing the Lagos State Power Sector Reform Law 2018, seeks to establish a robust electricity market and tackle environmental concerns. “The first thing the people of Lagos should expect from this bill is provisions in respect of other operators coming into the market and in respect of environmental friendliness,” Ogunlewe explained.

With this groundbreaking reform, the Lagos Government promises to bring reliable electricity to all end users within two years, heralding a new era of illumination and progress for the state. As Ogunlewe emphasized, “At present, there are issues not allowing the operators to do their businesses, but they have been resolved in this bill.”


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