Laolu Condemns Tinubu’s New Ministry Of Livestock, Says Not Necessary

Laolu Condemns Tinubu's New Ministry Of Livestock, Says Not Necessary.
Laolu Condemns Tinubu's New Ministry Of Livestock, Says Not Necessary.

Laolu Akande, a former aide to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, has cast doubt on the necessity of creating a new Ministry of Livestock Development, questioning whether it would truly address the longstanding farmer-herder clashes in Nigeria. “I am not sure that we need a ministry [of livestock],” Akande stated on Channels Television’s Politics Today, expressing his skepticism about the move.

While acknowledging the need to resolve the persistent conflicts between farmers and herders, Akande believes that the National Livestock Transformation Plan (NLTP) already in place could be the solution if effectively implemented.

“The National Livestock Transformation Plan, if it is effectively implemented, is going to solve the problem of the farmer-herder clashes and is going to modernise the livestock industry in our country,” he emphasized.

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Development consultant Jide Ojo also shared his concerns about the new ministry, highlighting potential funding issues and conflicts with the existing Ministry of Agriculture. “If the creation of the Ministry of Livestock Development will solve this crisis [herders-farmers], so be it. But I am just worried about funding,” Ojo noted.

As the debate surrounding the new ministry continues, it remains to be seen whether it will bring the desired solution to the farmer-herder clashes or simply add another layer of bureaucracy to the existing framework.


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