Leadership Crisis Rock Women Arm Of Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo

Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo worldwide, a pan-Igbo socio-cultural organization (women wing) has been embroiled in a political crisis that has accused the current President, Mrs. Rita Daniels Chukwuuji of; high-handedness, lack of accountability in managing the group’s resources and as well using the platform to feather her future political adventures amongst others.

Daniels is also said to have undermined the leadership structure and procedures in Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo by assigning her cronies, including the Secretary, Mrs. Ifeoma Okafor to take charge of juicy positions and as well single-handedly decide on critical issues that affects members.

She invited state leaders of the Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo (women wing) from across the country for a ‘meeting’, but instead lured them into becoming loyalists for a particular political party not minding the implications.

At the recent ‘Enlarged Exco meeting of all the NEC members and State women leaders’ on Monday 23rd of January, 2023 with 22nd as arrival date at Emerald Hotel, Asaba, Delta state for instance, the women who came from different parts of the country were compelled to attend state government functions with her.

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Besides accompanying her to the Atiku/Okowa Presidential campaign flag-off, the women were made to attend other state government functions and had to spend two extra days against their wish on the orders of Daniels who at her discretion handed transport monies to some of them Wednesday night before they departed Asaba for their respective states Thursday morning.

Though many never hid their displeasure over the twist of events, our correspondent who witnessed most of the unfolding drama reports that, the participants who had no choice than wait on the instructions of Daniels or ‘Mother-General’, as she is fondly called to decide their fate.

All the members escorted her to the stadium for the Atiku/Okowa Presidential campaign whereby some of them who sustained injuries due to stampede were rather curiously asked by Daniels if they had never attended such events as political rallies before.

‘Mother General’, according to some women who had fallen apart with her, enjoys women sing her praises, especially during events and whoever is indifferent is often tagged and subsequently ‘disciplined’ by either being set up, ridiculed or bullied by her loyalists.

Meanwhile, a member who would not want her names printed for fear of victimization recalled how Daniels used one of her stooges to humiliate and ridicule one of the National Executive Council (NEC) members for meeting with state leaders without her knowledge and approval at Emerald Hotel.

Daniels and her cronies, it was gathered plotted and set-up a NEC members from one of the eastern states. She using one of her girls from Bayelsa state to discredit the NEC member and even shouting at her in such an embarrassing manner that suggests her authoritarian mien and public disgrace against a fellow woman.

“In Ohaneze structure there is hierarchy which we are expected to follow, but nothing like that and she is not carrying the NEC members along. How can it be only her and the Secretary be the ones deciding what is happening in Ohaneze women wing?

Except if it is the apex body, Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo that gave her the go ahead in whatever she is doing, the aggrieved member said almost all that the Rita Daniel’s led executive is doing since she came on board almost two years now is outside what the group stands to project.

Describing the Daniels led group as being turned into what it is not, the source argued that the way and manner women, including some who are attending such gatherings for the first time are shouted at or treated does not speak well of the reputable Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo stands for.

“Look at how they treated the woman representing Niger state, kept her standing for over 30 minutes because the Secretary’s accusation. The woman was there and had wanted to defend herself but they didn’t allow her, is that how organisations are run and why would you treat a fellow woman as if she is your house girl you can order around?

Rita brags that she has the likes of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, Ned Nwoko and other political big-wigs are behind her, this according to her goes a long way to prove the fears that she is using the platform to work for her political and personal enrichment against the promotion of the socio-cultural values of the Igbo race.

She recalled that, “Ned Nwoko gave us N3 million the day Daniels took us to his house last month but you dare not ask how the money was shared, it is known to her, the Secretary and maybe few others, yet she will be claiming that she is using her personal money to feed and accommodate us”.

“We are hearing as rumour that she wants to use the platform as a NGO for empowerment programmes, but that is wrong if the speculations turn out to be true. The way she and the Secretary in particular talks to members suggested this, Master-Servant thing and she should not expect that nobody will complain”.

While arguing that she already evolved strategies on how to manage her excesses after serving as state leader and now member of the NEC, the member who said she is particularly worried by Daniel’s penchant for turning the women into her domestic staff argued, “We didn’t beg her for whatever she is claiming to have spent on is and why must all of us be forced to become politicians and allegiance to a particular political party?

“Each time they invite us for a meeting, all we see is this kind of, Master servant passing of instructions or what she already discussed with the few clique and loyalists. You’re not given the opportunity to air your views, just to follow-follow if you want to be in their good books and sing, if possible louder than everyone whenever they are singing her praises”,

When our correspondent who witnessed some of the dramas, including the shouting bouts called to clarify some issues and the allegations, Rita Daniels or Och’udo her Igbo title meaning (seeker/promoter of peace) retort in few words and abruptly ended the call.

After sounding a bit friendly to the caller, the Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo (women wing) President suddenly charged and said, “You people from the north are always complaining, and without waiting to hear other inquiries from the caller ended the discussion.






















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