Leadership role in economy to top discussion as foundation plans confab

Mark-Idahi - Leadership role in economy to top discussion as foundation plans confab
L-R: JIM Lawson; Director of programs, Mark Idiahi; Convener, Stella Adu; Head of Marketing

When experts, thought-leaders and sundry stakeholders gather to discuss at a conference in Lagos in the next couple of weeks, top on the agenda will be redefining leadership and its role in economy.

The leadership conference, which is already in its 7th edition, is to be organized by Second Chance Care Foundation, a non- governmental organization based in Lagos.

According to the organizers, the annual conference is designed to nurture present and future generations of leaders in all facets of human endeavour.

This year’s edition titled ‘The African Edition’ is aimed to dress the seeming lack of visionary and purposeful leadership in almost all sectors of Nigeria’s s economy.

The main objective has always been to stimulate, equip and challenge the mind, will and intellect of participants towards leadership.

“For that reason, seasoned speakers considered as thought leaders and culture shapers who are result oriented in their fields of endeavor have been chosen,” Mark Idiahi, founder and CEO of the foundation, said at a press briefing in Lagos.

“This year, we are redefining Leadership and its role in the economy. Africa, most especially Nigeria, has become a land that can not export goods but rather exports her brains and brilliant minds.

“To put things in perspective, over 33,000 Doctors and Medical Consultants left the shores of Nigeria for greener pastures in 2021,” he added.

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“It may interest you to know that it is based on these reasons and many more that Second Chance Care Foundation plans unveiling a Pan-African magazine with major focus on changing this age long narrative,” he said.

Furthermore, Idahi said “as a youth-focused organization, we have dedicated this year’s conference to motivate Nigerian youths to actively participate in the democratic process, register for the election, and cast their votes.

“To achieve a good result, we are seeking to collaborate with relevant stakeholders interested in improving and ensuring that democracy works in Nigeria.”

Also speaking at the press briefing, Jim Lawson Moses, director of programs, 2nd Chance Care Foundation, said “Africans are not being celebrated. We are referred to as the Dark Continent and we can’t continue with that narrative.

“That is why we want to ensure that we change the status quo with the future leadership conference. We’ve gone ahead to come up with a media outfit, the Africa future magazine to ensure that we begin to showcase what Africans are doing,” he said.

The event which has previously featured speakers like Toyosi Akerele, Ubong King, Sam Ohunbunwa, Grace Ofure, Olumide Adeshina, would be featuring the following seasoned speakers and industry leaders accross the globe: ALIBABA, Sola Oyegbade, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo and Jamie Pajoel among others.

With over 250 volunteer workforce, the Future Leadership Conference has been committed positively to inspiring Nigerian youths for about seven years, thereby bringing together Youth Influencers, Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Academics, Clerics, etc.

According to statistics, the conference has inspired over 30,000 young Nigerians since its inception in entrepreneurship, leadership, climate change, civic responsibility, etc.


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