Malawi on high alert due to Marburg virus disease

Malawi’s Ministry of Health has issued a warning about a Marburg virus disease that has killed five people in the Kagera region of northwestern Tanzania.

In a statement signed Thursday, Health Minister Charles Mwansambo urged Malawians to be vigilant and avoid close physical contact with the suspected Marburg patients.

The statement also urged Malawians not to touch the bodily fluids of suspected patients with their bare hands, to wear appropriate gloves and personal protective equipment when caring for patients at home, and to wash their hands with soap and water.

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Mwansambo has assured Malawians that his ministry “has capacity in all points of entry to screen and detect all cases suspected of a disease of public health concern, including Marburg virus disease, and manage them according to standard guidelines.”

The statement further said the ministry, in collaboration with the World Health Organisation and Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will continue to monitor the situation in Tanzania and in the region and update the public accordingly.


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