Media24 Signals End of Print For South African Dailies, Pivots To Digital

Media24 Signals End of Print For South African Dailies, Pivots To Digital
Media24 Signals End of Print For South African Dailies, Pivots To Digital

In a landmark move reflecting changing media consumption trends, Media24, a prominent media company in South Africa, has decided to discontinue several of its well-known printed newspapers, including City Press, Rapport, Beeld, and the Daily Sun. The cessation of these publications marks a significant transition toward a digital-first strategy, as reported by MoneyWeb.

The scheduled shutdown in October is emblematic of the broader evolution within the South African media sector, which has seen a decline in print media viability and financial stresses on traditional newspapers.

As part of Media24’s digital shift, the newspapers will not simply cease operation but will instead evolve, gaining individual online presences, and having their content assimilated into News24 and Netwerk24, the company’s already thriving online platforms. This strategy is designed to preserve and continue building readership through a digital lens.

Facing the Pressures of Economic Realities and Strategic Necessities
Numerous factors, including a preference for digital media among readers, diminishing advertising earnings, and increasing distribution costs, have compelled the push towards online content. Media24’s CEO, Ishmet Davidson, emphasizes the company’s commitment to securing its future sustainability amid a rapidly digitizing media environment. “Media24 is active in reevaluating its operations to ensure long-term sustainability, consistent with the shifting landscape towards digital media,” Davidson notes. “We are engaging in thorough discussions with our employees regarding the prospective changes and remain devoted to a transparent and considerate approach. We typically refrain from commenting on assumptions or conjecture, as well as the specifics of internal proceedings.”

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The organization is currently undergoing consultations with its staff to determine the necessary measures following this strategic revamp.

Confronted with competition from global media corporations, Media24 is reconfiguring its business model to remain competitive. With the exponential rise of online news platforms, the company is poised to continue its leadership in the realm of South African journalism, albeit on a digital stage.


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