Moroccan prince Moulay Hisham ‘expelled from Tunisia’

Moulay Hisham, the Moroccan leader, nephew of King Mohammed VI, was expelled from Tunisia, according to reports. He was in a hotel in Tunis on Friday before the conference on “governance and security in Morocco, Yemen and Tunisia” which will be held on Sunday, when police paid a visit and asked him to go back to his room and pack, according to a tweet written by Ignacio Sembrero, a journalist who works for the Spanish daily newspaper El Pais, published online.

The prince, the son of Moulay Abdallah, brother of the former King Hassan II, received a letter of dismissal as “persona non grata”. Accompanied to the airport of Tunis, he reportedly took a flight for Paris. Neither the Tunisian nor the Moroccan authorities have issued a statement.

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Moualy Hicham had strongly criticized Tunisian President Kais Saied in an article called “The fragile triumph of Arab counter-revolutions”, published in September 2022 by Le Monde diplomatique. The article began stating that “the block of institutions led by Tunisian President Kais Saied for a year appears to have symbolically closed the democratic parenthesis started in Maghreb and Machrek in 2011”. Tunisian authorities had already banned the “rebel prince” from entering Tunisia in 2017.



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