MTN Remains Number One African Brand, Leading In Positive Impact.

MTN Remains Number One African Brand, Leading In Positive Impact.
MTN Remains Number One African Brand, Leading In Positive Impact.

For another consecutive year, the MTN Group reigns supreme in the ‘Brand Africa 100: Best Brands’ rankings, while also leading the charge among African companies in societal, environmental, and corporate stewardship.

This distinction highlights MTN’s dedication to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, which the company embraces to cultivate mutual value and endurance in its operations, the community, and on a global scale.

Grateful for unwavering support from partners: On the occasion of Africa Day, MTN Group’s President and CEO, Ralph Mupita, expressed gratitude for the continued partnership that has bolstered the company’s endeavors.

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“Today’s milestone gives us great pride and I wish to convey my deepest thanks to our allies near and far,” said Mupita. “With an unwavering pledge to fulfilling our patrons’ demands and harnessing digital innovation for a more resilient tomorrow, these recognitions fortify our determination.”

The origin of the acclaim: The laurels awarded by Brand Africa originate from impartial surveys carried out across over 30 African markets, capturing the core of the continent’s populousness and economic vibrancy.

Forging Ahead with ‘Ambition 2025’

MTN Group services mobile users in 17 African nations and its strategic vision, encapsulated in ‘Ambition 2025: Leading digital solutions for Africa’s progress’, established in 2021, continues to chart the telecom giant’s course.

Integral to the Group’s ESG mandates are commitments to environmental caution, with goals to reach Net Zero emissions by 2040, along with the bolstering of digital and fiscal integration and the nurturing of a broad and inclusive society. A tenacious ally to its stakeholders, MTN is engrossed in creating reciprocal prosperity and endorsing collective economic advancement across Africa.

South Africa’s Most Prestigious Brand

Brand Finance, in April, upheld MTN as South Africa’s most esteemed brand, acknowledging its preeminence in terms of sustainable development. The consultancy firm conferred a brand value of R68.2 billion on MTN, alongside an R5.7 billion valuation for its sustainable perception.

Source: Brand Finance


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