Nasarawara Health Commissioner Declares State Free From Cholera

Nasarawara Health Commissioner Declares State Free From Cholera
Nasarawara Health Commissioner Declares State Free From Cholera

Nasarawa State’s Health Commissioner, Dr. Gaza Gwamna, has responded to concerns regarding suspected cholera cases at a press conference in Akwanga, affirming that there have been no confirmed cases in the state.

Dr. Gwamna disclosed that there were 29 suspected cholera cases documented in two local government areas, with 19 cases in Kokona and 10 in Nasarawa-Eggon, including one fatality.

“At present, the cases remain suspected, and even the individual who passed away in Nasarawa-Eggon was not confirmed but treated as a suspected case before the unfortunate event,” stated Dr. Gwamna. He expressed confidence that all suspected cases were under thorough examination.

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Dr. Gwamna emphasized that the State Ministry of Health has implemented preventive measures to avert an outbreak. He highlighted the ministry’s collaboration with traditional leaders and stakeholders to enhance public awareness on hygiene and sanitation practices.

He noted the deployment of disease surveillance officers to every electoral ward across the state to bolster monitoring and response efforts. These officers are tasked with promptly reporting any suspected cases to the ministry.

“They are required to provide daily updates on occurrences in their respective areas to facilitate government intervention in the event of an outbreak,” he added.

Dr. Gwamna also announced that the state governor, Abdullahi Sule, sanctioned the enhancement of four Primary Healthcare Centers (PHCs) situated in Assakyo (Lafia), Gudi (Akwanga), New Karu (Karu), and Azara (Awe) to enhance healthcare service delivery. This initiative underscores the governor’s dedication to offering quality and affordable healthcare services.


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