New Era Education Partners NBA To Launch Basketball School In Egypt

New Era Education Partners NBA To Launch Basketball School In Egypt
New Era Education Partners NBA To Launch Basketball School In Egypt

The collaboration between NBA Africa and New Era Education, a Cairo-based education management company, heralds the upcoming launch of the inaugural NBA Basketball School in Africa. Set to commence operations in January 2025 at Uppingham School Cairo, an international school in New Giza, Egypt, the program is devoted to enhancing basketball skills and knowledge for Uppingham School students aged 5-18.

The NBA Basketball School initiative, established in tandem with New Era Education, is designed to provide comprehensive on-court training, skill development sessions, and basketball education for all proficiency levels. This tuition-based program embodies the commitment to offering top-tier basketball development opportunities to youth in Egypt.

Speaking on the significant milestone, Head of NBA Egypt, Mohamed Abdel-motaleb Soliman, expressed enthusiasm for advancing the sport in Egypt and throughout the continent. He highlighted the aim of the NBA Basketball School to nurture budding talent under the mentorship of NBA-endorsed coaches, thereby cultivating a conducive environment for athletic growth.

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Echoing this sentiment, Dr. Tamer Tammam, Board Chairman of New Era Education, emphasized the joint endeavor’s dedication to empowering youth through holistic growth experiences, encompassing both athletic and personal development. The initiative is poised to empower students and families by providing access to an elite training curriculum geared towards instilling leadership skills and fostering overall individual growth.

The curriculum of the NBA Basketball School program, meticulously crafted by the NBA’s International Basketball Operations department in consultation with seasoned NBA coaches, players, and development specialists, aims to enhance player skills and offer a comprehensive understanding of developmental processes. This strategic partnership underscores a shared commitment to nurturing basketball talent and empowering youth through structured training modules and mentorship.

The forthcoming NBA Basketball School in Egypt represents a significant stride in the NBA’s engagement with the region, preceding a series of impactful initiatives in Cairo. Leveraging the league’s global expertise, the program is set to elevate basketball development in Egypt and set a benchmark for future athletic and personal growth initiatives on the African continent.


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