Nigeria Decides 2023: The Ultimate Guide for Citizens on How to Prepare for Elections

Preparing to vote as a Nigerian citizen is an important task that requires proper planning and action. Elections are an opportunity for citizens to use their democratic rights to have a say in their country’s government.

By taking the time to prepare for the election, citizens can ensure that they are well informed and able to make informed decisions when voting.

Here are some key steps that you can take to ensure that you are fully prepared for the upcoming elections:

1. Stay informed about the candidates and their platforms: The first step in preparing for an election is to stay informed about the candidates and their platforms. This includes researching their backgrounds, past experiences, and positions on key issues. By understanding the candidates and their platforms, you can make an informed decision when it’s time to vote.

2. Check your voter registration status: Before you can vote, you must first be registered to do so. Make sure your voter registration is up-to-date and that your details are correct. You can check your voter registration status online or by visiting your local electoral commission office.

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3. Understand the voting process: It is important to understand the voting process in Nigeria so that you can navigate it smoothly. This includes understanding the different types of elections, polling units, and voter’s card. You can find this information online or by visiting your local electoral commission office.

4. Know your polling unit: Knowing your polling unit is important so that you can locate it easily on the day of the election. You can find your polling unit by visiting your local electoral commission office or checking it online.

5. Mark the date on your calendar: Make sure to mark the date of the election on your calendar so you don’t miss it.








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