Nigerian Lawmakers Propose Single 6 -Year Term For President, Governors

Nigerian Lawmakers Propose Single 6 -Year Term For President, Governors
Nigerian Lawmakers Propose Single 6 -Year Term For President, Governors

In a bold initiative aimed at restructuring the governance framework of Nigeria, thirty-five legislators, convened as the Reformed Minded Lawmakers group, have called for significant amendments to the 1999 Constitution. Among the pivotal changes proposed is the introduction of a single six-year term for both the President and Governors, a move poised to recalibrate the political landscape of the nation.

In a press briefing held on June 10 at the National Assembly, the coalition underscored the urgency of their proposals, which extend beyond term limits to encompass the entire electoral process. By advocating for the consolidation of elections across all governance levels into a single day, the group aims to curtail financial expenditures and eliminate the undue influences shadowing electoral outcomes.

A critical aspect of the proposed revisions is the resolution of all pre-election disputes at least 30 days prior to election day, addressing the historical challenges posed by ongoing litigation during electoral processes.

Additional recommendations include a statutory period of 14 days for the electoral authority to furnish contenders with certified true copies of electoral documents, imposing a mandatory one-year incarceration for any electoral officer found in default.

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To bolster the integrity of the electoral process, the lawmakers are championing a legislative overhaul that would mete out a 14-year sentence to any officer who either neglects to transmit election results electronically or presents conflicting outcomes.

Key governance proposals include:

  • A constitutional mandate for the rotational distribution of executive powers among Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones, fostering equitable representation and quelling statehood demands.
  • Amendment of Section 3 of the Constitution to formally acknowledge Nigeria’s division into six geopolitical zones.
  • Implementation of a single six-year tenure for the nation’s President and Governors to enhance governmental efficiency, reduce fiscal waste, and promote stability.
  • The establishment of dual Vice Presidential roles to represent both the southern and northern regions, delineating the first Vice President as the successor, and the second as the overseer of the economy.

In their blueprint for a transformed governance model, the group also posits that the President and the primary Vice President should hail from the same regional block, ensuring a seamless transition in the event of presidential incapacitation.

These comprehensive proposals, according to the Reformed Minded Lawmakers, are geared towards realizing a more transparent, efficient, and equitable governance structure, laying the foundation for long-term national and regional stability.


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