Nigeria’s Democratic Journey Shows Progress Amid. Challenges, Says Onyibe

Public policy analyst, Magnus Onyibe, shared insights on Nigeria’s 25-year democratic journey, emphasizing the nation’s evolutionary progress despite apparent setbacks. Speaking on Newscentral TV’s Breakfast Show, Onyibe dissected the themes of transparency and accountability within the context of Nigeria’s governance.

According to Onyibe, while many Nigerians might feel disillusioned about the pace of progress, significant strides have been made. He highlighted the nature of democracy as a long-term commitment rather than a swift race, pointing out the unique challenges faced by African nations in aspiring towards Western standards of democracy.

Drawing an analogy between Nigeria’s current state and the anticipation of childbirth, the former Delta State commissioner called for patience and optimism among Nigerians regarding the reforms enacted by the present government, expressing confidence in their eventual positive outcomes.

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Onyibe remarked on the impressive growth of civil society organizations in Nigeria, considering their active participation as a hallmark of a mature democracy. He noted the advancements made in enabling public scrutiny of government actions and finances but underscored the need for further efforts in holding those who misuse their office accountable.

Acknowledging the public’s dissatisfaction, Onyibe recommended greater communication and transparency from the government to bridge the gap with its citizens, fostering a more informed and engaged populace.


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