Nigeria’s Labour Ministry Broadens Focus to Spur Economic Growth

Nigeria's Labour Ministry Broadens Focus to Spur Economic Growth
Nigeria's Labour Ministry Broadens Focus to Spur Economic Growth

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment in Nigeria is taking on a broader mandate, aiming to actively contribute to economic enhancement and job creation, stepping beyond just mediating industrial disputes. This new direction comes as part of the Tinubu administration’s commitment to tackling unemployment.

During a visit from the Labour Correspondents Association of Nigeria, Permanent Secretary Ismaila Abubakar expressed the ministry’s intention to make a meaningful difference in Nigerians’ lives through the President’s renewed economic plan.

Abubakar stated, “The Ministry is poised to make greater impact in the lives of Nigerians through the renewed hope agenda of the President Tinubu administration, which is committed to ensuring that employment opportunities are created for the unemployed Nigerians.”

His emphasis was that it is important to address the challenge of poor budgetary allocation which would help the Ministry to implement employment-focused programmes effectively.

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While the Ministry is well-known for addressing disputes between the government and labour unions, the expansion into economic and employment arenas marks a strategic pivot. Part of this expansion includes the Labour Employment and Empowerment Programme (LEEP), which helps young graduates, school leavers, and artisans develop employability skills.

Abubakar called attention to the ministry’s budgetary constraints, suggesting that increased funding is essential to renovate skill acquisition centres and foster training in sectors like agriculture, ICT, and entrepreneurship. He called on the media to showcase these challenges and provide feedback that could enhance the Ministry’s strategies.

Abulu Patrick, Acting Chairman of LACAN, acknowledged the Association’s willingness to support the Ministry’s initiatives, indicating a joint effort towards socio-economic advancement in the country.


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