Open Letter to Mr. Peter Obi

Open Letter to Mr. Peter Obi
Open Letter to Mr. Peter Obi

Every Movement Has a Message, what is the Message of the Obidient Movement?

Dear Sir,
1. First let me publicly declare I am proudly Obidient. Please listen to my story. For me the obidient movement was never about the elections. It was about the fight for the very soul of the only nation on earth I can call my own.

2. I consciously and spiritually adopted the rebuilding of Nigeria as the sole assignment of my life in year 2014. My life’s mission is to rebuild the broken walls of Nigerians and Nigeria- her Individual Citizens and her Corporate Citizens.

3.My Vision is a Nation that works for the best interest of all Nigerians. A land that will bless her inhabitants not curse or consume them. A nation that her citizens will rise up in the morning and call her blessed.

4. But nations are never built by one man. It takes unity of visions and efforts to build great communities and this is why nation building is an uphill task. It is always a difficult task to get a critical mass of people that are willing to do the right things and to rebuild their nation. This is why I have chosen you, Mr. Peter Obi as my mentor, my leader and my forerunner in this adventure to rebuild Nigeria. However, mentorship is all about sharing common value systems.

5.So what is in Mr. Peter Obi that resonates deeply with me. He helped me to summarize it today in his facebook post when he said that it is time for Nigerians to reconfigure our BVAS, Basic Values Acceptable to Society.

5. I want to submit that this statement should be adopted as the message of the Obidient movement going forward because it clearly sums up what your movement is and has been about. It points every well meaning Nigerian, irrespective of their political, religious and ethnic sentiments, to one solution that holds the key to the reconfiguration or salvation of our nation.

6. Indeed within the very acrostic BVAS that have raised and shattered, in recent times, the hopes of Nigeria in our electoral system lies the one solution to all our pains and sufferings over the years. Let reconfigure our BVAS, Basic Values Acceptable to Society.

7. Fellow Nigerians, our elections are seasonal, but Nation building is a daily work. The Message of the Obidient Movement is not just about elections or campaigns for political offices, it is a clarion call to collectively raise the minimum standard by which we live as a people. When we lower the standards of behaviour we are also inadvertently lowering the standard of life and living in Nigeria.

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8. The Obidient Movement’s message and mantra is now very clear and concise “Let Reconfigure Our BVAS, Basic Values Acceptable to Society. This is the message that will serve as our source of education and connection, our momentum and the drive for the obidient tribe going forward. Finally we have gotten to the very SOUL of the Obidient Movement. Everybody that want to eat the good of the land called Nigeria should now be Obedient and Useful. Obedient to acceptable behavioural standards and skillfully useful to the Society.

9. This is the only way we can ever have a sane society, a society that works for the best interest of all its citizens: individuals and corporates.

10. The task to reconfigure our Basic Values Acceptable to Society must be done at two levels. First at Individual Citizens’ level then at Corporate Citizens’ level

11. Arising from the February 25, 2023 Presidential and National Assembly elections, I can say that a good number of Nigerians have started the journey of reconfiguration of their BVAS. For the first time in our electioneering history, the criminal politicians amongst us are now afraid and mindful of the resolution of individual citizens to use their will powers rightly at elections.

12. But it is one thing for individual citizens to do what is right but another for corporate citizens to do what is right. When corporate citizens use their will powers, they are far more impactful and far reaching than when individual citizens do. The holy book says when the righteous is enthroned the people rejoices. That means the impact of an individual’s righteousness can only be amplified and felt by multitude when elected or appointed to a position of authority in an institution. The wisdom then is that the righteous should always diligently seek or make themselves available for corporate positions of authority.

13. So why Nigeria seems to be gaining commendable momentum as regards the reconfiguration of our BVAS at the individual citizens’ level, a single Nigerian, using his will power plus the authority of its corporate citizen, as the Chairman of INEC, has said we must take the Obidient Movement to the Nigeria’s Corporate Citizens level by saying “go to the Court”. This simply explains how powerful corporate citizens are in Nation building efforts.

14. Therefore the reconfiguration of the BVAS of Nigeria’s corporate citizens is a task that must be won, if we want to ever liberate ourselves from self imposed bondage and stop the senseless act of scoring own goals against ourselves as a people.

15. Until we can make our institutions to work, our nation can never work. Nations only succeed when they can build Corporate Citizens, institutions such as families, businesses, regulators, governments ( judiciary, legislative and the Executive arms) that are stronger than the will powers of the separate individual citizens that work in them.

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16. We must therefore step up the obidient movement and refocus this movement going forward to demanding or promoting the reconfiguration of the Basic Values Acceptable to Society from all Nigeria’s Individual and Corporate Citizens.

17. From now and even under the Presidency of Peter Obi, The Obidient Movement must continue to stand up and challenge whenever citizens in positions of authority flagrantly abuse the powers of their offices or recognise and celebrate, in various ways, those citizens that are making Nigerians proud by lifting the Basic Values Acceptable to Society, BVAS in their offices.

My name is Lovepreneur Pacqueens Irabor


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