Party Promoter Arrested Following Death of 10 in Uganda Mall stampede

The police in Ugandan said on Monday they had arrested a concert promoter after a stampede at a New Year’s Eve party in the capital Kampala that left 10 people dead, including children.

Unfortunately, the party-goers were killed at Freedom City Mall in Kampala as revellers thronged a single exit to watch a midnight fireworks display.

Fred Enanga, police spokesman said four other exits had been ordered shut by the promoters and investigators were looking at whether “negligence” was not to blame for the loss of life.

Enanga told reporters on Monday, “We have so far arrested the promoter of that New Year concert. We are also actively searching for other organisers and promoters.”

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Regretably, “The revellers had one point of entry and exit. Therefore, several victims were trapped and trampled upon through the narrow passage which became a bottleneck for many, mostly juveniles.”

Many of the victims were aged between 10 and 20, police said.

Certainly, the promoter is well known in Kampala for staging major festivals.

Meanwhile, in 2009, one person had died and three were injured in a stampede at Kampala’s Kansanga amusement park.


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